Flower Power

F L O W E R. P O W E R.

Was a hype cultural movement in 1960s acted as a symbol of peace, love, and freedom. A counter-culture movement acted as an opposition declaration of war and violence.

Vivid colours, blown up flower prints, bright colour were the spotlight.

Time after time it has become part of our lifestyle. And here we are now, the gen Z era, 2022.

One afternoon, I decided to take a break from a project that I was working on, and was thinking. Oh! Why don’t I go to a coffee shop for a while? Such a nice idea, right?😌

The weather was very nice and not so cold, a superb weather for sweater. And so I chose to wear my white big flower prints sweater. I love the colour combination on the sweater, calmsy white mix with dark brown and soft pink.

For the trouser, I decided to wear something fun and bright, but still with the flower print.

What bag should I wear? Fluffy and fury crossbody bag with a touch of purple colour.


Here comes the look!

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