Blue on Blue

This was a little story from a winter time when I was in New York.

The weather that day was freezing. I could not stand it.

FYI guys. My ultimate winter combo would and will always be a heat tech top undergarment, heat tech legging, and a beanie hat.

That day, I was feeling like a matching blue on blue would be a top choice to go for. Blue on blue back on the days it was like wearing top jeans and trouser jeans. It is a timeless and modern look.

Under the oversized jacket, I wore multicolour cardigan sweater. My jacket is an L size. Depends on the silhouette and cut, I like to go bigger size than my true size.

When I am going out of London, I sometimes only bring one or two bags for daily use. And so I use my purple furry sling bag that I wore in the previous post.

If you missed my previous post, don’t worry! Just click the link here so that you can know my other look with the bag😆

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