Outfit for Afternoon Stroll / Coffee

Ok, short story guys,

I was in Santa Monica for a short period of time to accompany my little sister. I didn’t bring many clothes with me and so I borrow my little sister’s clothes at this day.

Once I open her wardrobe, my eye was caught directly into the muddy green pleat skirt that my sister had. Because the color of the skirt kind of dark, I wanted to make the look shines bright like a rainbow. To achieve that, I wore colourful flowery T shirt.

Next, I wore a cream slip on sandals with flower embellishment on top. I chose a light pink bag from coach because it looks cute with the outfit. A pair of brown socks was making the look more vintage and it brighten up the color of the slip on.

Have a nice day and see you on my next post 😉

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