Two-piece Set for Your Wardrobe

Working from home and online schooling has been our new normal for almost 2 years. The way people dress has shifted as well. People tend to choose simple and comfortable outfit that they can wear both for having online meeting and doing activities at home.

One thing that I will recommend is the two-piece sets. Many brands from high street to luxury have produced various designs of the two-piece sets. But one thing to remember. You need to be careful when choosing the sets because it is a bit tricky. You can either look like wearing sleepwear pajama or chic.

The one that I am wearing in this post is made from velvet fabric. The fabric makes the garment look chic, effortlessly good, and comfortable. It comes in short sleeve blouse and midi length trouser. Perfect for both online and home activity.

Red is a universal color. You can pretty much wear everything with this color. So I paired the garment up with flowery cream slippers and brown knitted fringe bag.

For sure you can only wear the two-piece velvet set without any shoes and bag at home, and you will still look gorgeous.

These are my other recommendation for the two-piece set if you are interested and want to invest it in your wardrobe.

Hope you have a good day and see you next time! 😉

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