A Day in Maitara Island

Indonesia is a country which consist of so many islands. There are over seventeen thousands islands in Indonesia. The one that I’ll be talking right now is Maitara Island.

If you want to go to this island, you need to take airplane from Jakarta to Ternate, and then get a speed boat from the port in Ternate.

The view in the port of Ternate is breathtaking as well.

View of Ternate Island from the boat

Once you are in the boat, the view is prettier. You are literally surrounded by sea, beautiful blue sky, and islands. It was very relaxing and the breeze of the wind was so refreshing.

Failonga Island

And we finally arrive in Maitara Island.

The only transportation that available here for tourist is called bentor, becak motor. Bentor is a type of traditional vehicle that use motorcycle with 2 seats carriage at the front.

Bentor, becak motor

Our first stop is Akebay beach where you can see Ternate and Maitara island side by side. The view is very amazing. Don’t forget to drink coconut and eat sukun, one of the most famous traditional food in Indonesia.

Ternate Island at the back
Maitara Island at the back

Next stop is the mangrove forest. Basically, I visited the forest on my second trip to Maitara Island. But, you can definitely go to this forest straight after visiting Akebay beach.

Mangrove Forest

Just so you know guys, two islands that exist in one thousand rupiah paper is Maitara Island (front) and Tidore Island (back). That is why most people here named Maitara island as One Thousand Island as well.

If you are planning to have a short vacation or getaway, don’t forget to take a Covid-19 test before travelling as I did and always wear a mask whenever you go 😉

I hope you enjoy my blog post and see you next time everyone!!

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