Pastel for Eidl Fitr 2021

Happy Eidl Fitr to all Moeslim people around the world 🙂

I feel very grateful that I can still celebrate Ramadhan 1440 H with my family together in Ternate, one of the beautiful island in Indonesia.

In today’s post, I am going to talk about what me and my little sister wore in Eidl Fitr.

We decided to go for a light colour for the garment with flowery pattern.

My little sister, Ghina, wore a collar like scarf knee length dress. The fabric is made of silk which gives comfort and softness to the skin. It really suit the tropical climate in Indonesia. To make the dress nicer, my little sister wore a pink slippers with cats prints on it.

Meanwhile, I wore a blouse with an oval shape collar embellished with little stones.

I paired it with a sleeveless dress that turns out like a skirt when I wore it with the blouse. I really love the fabric. It is made of a combination of tulle and silk with flowery pattern.

For the shoes, I wore a dark red flat made from velvet with some stones on it. I chose dark colour for the shoes to balance the pastel colour on the dress.

Have a nice day and take care everyone!

See you on my next post 😀

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