Green Street

June 23rd 2017

We really had a great time on that day.

My little sister, Ghina,  got home after 10 months of studying abroad. We spent time together a lot. One of her to do list was having culinary tour. But she couldn’t do it because of fasting.

We did many activities, including haircut. Both of us are having short hair. I love my new hair. It is so light and fun to have a short hair.

The outfit that I wore was my pick for afternoon stroll. It was cloudy and windy. The green color that I wore suited the surrounds trees that grow up high, covering the road. I only change the outer and bag. It gave different look, right, although the rest were the same. Picking the right items is essential to produce your desire look 😉


IMG_0223 (1)

IMG_0220 (1)









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