Tribal Path

It has been a long time since my ‘Behind the Scene : Kota Tua Shoot” posted. I couldn’t post the photo right away after the shoot because it needed to be edited. Thank you to Splendor Costumes Boutique that gave me inspiration to mix and match their outfit into these. Actually, it consisted of three different costumes, the colorful butterfly top which is Spanish traditional costumes, the Aladdin pants which is Indian, and the brown indian tribes.

It was 2.30 p.m. that we jumped off from our car and got into Museum Bank Mandiri. Why I chose this museum? It was because it suited to the outfit. We went to the bunker place and searched a perfect place to take the shot. The bunker is really looked like a bunker. Full of safe-deposit box, a steel room which is used to safe gold, batch of old currencies from the paper one to coins. We chose the room with jails. For the sandals, I wanted to pair it with black gladiator sandals at first. But I didn’t have enough time to look around in store for the sandals. I then opened lazada and yes I found what I wanted. But, sadly the shipping time was two weeks and yes canceled to but. So guys, if you are about to do such thing, always prepare for everything and make sure that stuffs you want to use are available in town. I will never do the same mistakes again.

Processed with VSCOcam with a7 preset

The first shoot was quite smooth. Linggar could follow my commands although it was a little bit hard and really have to tell her details because she is my friend, not a real model. But I could handle it. Couple shots had been thrown and we got the good one. We moved upstairs to find different spot. And we got this long table with round chair surrounds it to be the place.


I want to tell you a bit about this first outfit. The look was Indian Urban Tribe. I wanted to try to mix and match different style. And it felt good for me. My daily style is actually eclectic; I like to combine patterns, colors, and different shape, to give tomboy with feminine touch look. On this photoshoot I didn’t want to picture my style, but created another style that I haven’t tried before. And so here the look came.

IMG_9617 (1)

The theme for the second outfit was African bohemian look. I used three scarfs for headband. The bronze horn is actually a necklace that I juggled as accessories to give the African sense. The inner is a brown fit crop tee and I used two scarfs that were crossed the upper body. All scarfs have different patterns and colors. Used two necklaces and different bracelets for left and right hand. To make the look unusual, I put this multifunction this glance like prince. It can be used a skirt, inner, tops, and any imaginations you have to complete your look.

IMG_9685 (1)

Never be afraid to do what you love. Never be afraid to make mistakes. We learn from mistakes and be a better person. If you never make a mistake you will never learn. That is all from me, have a nice day everyone!

Read more story behind the scene of the shoot on this link.

Styling : Ariny Lastarya P.

Photography : Andrew Natawirja

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