Kota Tua Shoot

Story in Kota Tua

[Wednesday, June 22nd 2016]

As I had written on the previous post that I will do a photo shoot in Kota Tua with Andrew and yes it is the day! Yeeyy

On 21st night, I still only had one outfit for the photoshoot that I rent from Splendor Costumes Boutique, Jakarta. For the top actually it is a Mexican butterfly shaped type. I put indian outer and used Aladdin trousers. All of them were from different costumes that I combined into one. The sandals is mine that I bought from Aldo. The look will be posted later.

Then, I brainstormed with my self what was another outfit that match with Kota Tua situation. I went to my mother’s room where many kind of patterned scarfs kept in her wood cupboard. I was also looking for any patterned skirt or trousers that suit in bohemian kind of look. When I was searching for any suitable scarfs, I got an idea what would the outfit look like. I moved all the scarfs, skirt, trousers to my room to start mix and match. I wanted to have many patterned mix perfectly together in this look with many colors whether in the scarfs, accessories. I used turban that consist of three scarfs. Before I put all the turbans, I used wide headbands to avoid the hair falling down the face. I wanted to use black sandals gladiator with the height of 10 cm but sadly I couldn’t find any. At first, I wanted to buy it online from lazada, but the arrival time for the shoes is about 14 days. It took so long that I had to find another sandals. I then worked my eyes to search more suitable sandal with the outfit. Then I found my junior-high-Ash-grey-sandals. How the second outfit looked will be posted later. So wait for it guys!

I chose different outfit for the third look. I wanted it to look all black. I used my mother dress that I changed to be like this.

Processed with VSCOcam with a7 preset
I did the fold on dress by pins

Black boots and outer with white and red flower appeared on the front shoulder side. I want the lips to look red. Unfortunately, we didn’t shoot the third because the lightning was very bad. It was already night. We planned to take the shot in the restaurant where we ate.

Processed with VSCOcam with a7 preset

I planned to arrived in Kota Tua at 12.00 p.m with Andrew. But in the morning I had to go to US embassy first to had an interview for visa things. I came late to Kota Tua because some things happened and the only way to go there had a very heavy traffic jam. So peeve. I went there with my friends, Linggar, our today’s model. While the driver was driving the car, I asked Linggar to do the make up. Sadly, the make up artist plus hair do that I had couldn’t join us. Thank God Linggar can do the basic make up. I wanted to have a smokey eyes looked and just face color make up look for the rest. I arrived in Kota Tua at about 1.30 p.m. Linggar still did the make up when we arrived. And about 2.30 p.m. we started to go to Museum Bank Mandiri. We did the shoot in three different places. Linggar changed her clothes there. First, we went to the safe-deposit box room in the basement for the shoot. I directed Linggar how she had to pose. After we got good shot, we moved upstairs. The second place was an unintended place. When we had arrived on the first floor, I looked at to the right side and there was a long table with rounded chairs like in the bar. Why don’t we had the shoot there I thought. The third place was in the way to second floor. There was a colorful old window. I directed Linggar to pose in a window’s space.

Processed with VSCOcam with e5 preset

Then we went to cars to take a rest and cooled our body. After 10 minutes, Linggar changed her clothes with the second look in the car. We planned to take the shoot in front of Museum Fatahillah, but it was too crowded. Then we walked again excursions Kota Tua. We finally had the shoot in Akar Building. (I brought a suitcase filled with clothes and accessories and paper bag filled with shoes, walking around Kota Tua)

We finished the shoot around 5.15 p.m. We went to Arisan Historia Restaurant in Kota Tua right away. On our way to the restaurant, we saw a man who was wearing a wayang suit that was sitting in the air. I don’t know how he did it but when I throw my leg to the space between ground and his sitting there was nothing in it. Me and Andrew asked Linggar to took a picture with him with a pose.

Processed with VSCOcam with a7 preset

After that we went in to the restaurant, ordered food and drink for our breakfasting menu. The food was not so bad and the atmosphere there so comfy. We planned to do the third outfit shoot there after breakfasting. The shoot started at 7.30 p.m. after Linggar did make up touch, changed clothes, and I styled the dress. The shoot was on a long red sofa but suddenly after saw the result, Andrew said that the lightning was so poor that effect the quality of the image. Andrew said that we couldn’t do it anymore unless the small lamps on the ceiling was turn off. We knew that it was impossible to turn it off or ask it to the waitress. I was so sad but it was ok. Instead of we wasted time of taking a bad result shoot, we chose to go home. Andrew said maybe next time we could take a shot of this outfit. And I said yeah why not. We went home then and I can’t wait for the result. Although it was a tiring day, I was so on cloud nine because finally I did what I love, I finally knew I could do it.

Processed with VSCOcam with e5 preset
IT’S A WRAP! (left to right : me, Linggar (model), Andrew (fashion photographer)

Tips and Trick

I will give you my tips and trick on what things you should bring when you are doing styling in any places as a stylist and here they are :

  1. Prepare clothes that will be your shot outfit a day before the shot. You can put them in a travel bag, but I suggest you to use small backpack. Because when you open it, you will find anything you’d like to search easier. Pack them in a tidy manner.
  2. Prepare any accessories that you think suit for the clothes. You can also bring all the accessories to mix and match it on set if you think that accessories that you have prepared before looks weird apparently and it is better if you change it. Put them in a box. It is okey to bring many boxes. It is better to do it rather than you will think on set “Oh no why don’t I bring that long yellow bohemian necklace”. Do not let this thing happen. You want to have a perfect shot. Avoid any little mistakes.
  3. Bring shoes of course (along with the box). If your shoes don’t have a box, you can put it in a plastic or laundry plastic and if there is still enough space in your suitcase, put there. Do not just bring the shoes that you have prepared before, bring another shoes that you think will also be a perfect match with the outfit. Who knows you want to have a different look on set.
  4. Bring pins in any sizes (large, medium, and small), straight pin, and clips. You can style the outfit with different shape by putting the pins on tops for example. You can make a layering dress look or whatever you want. It is your creativity playing around in your mind. You can also use the pin if the skirt or top is oversized on the model. You can fit it.


5. Do it maximally and bring the best of you. Do not disappoint any one on your team,                including the photographer or the model. You have to respect their beliefs on your                capability. Be a professional. Therefore everyone will see you as a responsible person            and maybe in any time they can promote you to their friends or other professional to            step up your career.

That is all for me. If you love styling, do it. Practice. Do not afraid of doing what you love. There is no other thing that can make you happy than you feel some kind of love and passion in doing something. So everyone, pursue your dream! Go for it and you have to fight for it in a right way! See you in another tips and trick!

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