Quibble Stairs


June-July-August. I have three months holiday from my university. On July 6th 2016, we had Lebaran. Lebaran is a celebrating day for every Muslim after undergo 30 days of fasting in June. And on the second day of Lebaran, my mother had planned that we would go to Singapore, which means it is H O L I D A Y!

The last time I went to Singapore was on July 2014 and we spent our day in Marina Bay Sands. Singapore would always have been my absolutely must to go country every year, or every six months (If you treat me :p). There are so many hidden places in Singapore that worth to go I think. There is also the famous orchard road in Singapore where you can find any stores you want. I call it ‘shopping street’. The mall is side by side. So all you have to do is just put your 60% of your energy to your legs and use them to walk walk walk, 40% to carry shopping bags (just my opinion). What do you have to prepare? 100% is the most suitable and comfortable outfit. I will show you mine.

Number one must use is pair of sneakers or comfortable sandals. Use light sneakers. You do not need extra energy to carry your shoes when you walk. And you will not feel like there is one kilo barbell attach your feet. You can use your jogging shoes or your white and black fly knit or stella x adidas shoes. Any shoes you have that do not taper at front. It will hurt your fingers afterwards. For me, I would choose my colorful sneakers from Aldo. It is a comfortable one, yet stylish. For the sandals, I will suggest you for not using wedges or heels, mesh sandals (has like a ring for your thumb). It will make your feet exhausted faster and hurt your thumb for the mesh. Although you have prepared the sandals that are matched with your outfit, you also have to think about the situation. What will you do, how is the weather of your destined location, and you also have to think, what if I use this gladiator sandals, what if I use this stiletto. Always have plans, choices, and already decide your choice is one of way to prepare anything. For this kind of trip, you can use open-toe-sandals that is comfortable to you. It can be flip-flops sandals, strappy sandals with no heel, closed back thong. I will not also suggest the ankle strip, because when you step up, the strip will rub your ankle, and if you use it for a long walk, it will wound your ankle.

For the tops I used white t-shirt, sleeveless shirt that was not unbuttoned to avoid layer on body front side. The weather was cloudy but hot and to make your body more breathing, yes you can do it. I also put scarf around my neck as an accessory. You can use scarf as the replacement of necklace if you feel bored. I brought this ripped jeans jacket to 1) avoid freezing when in plane 2) use it when I felt cold in the mall. When I was walking outside, I used it as extra accessory by circled it around my wrist. For the trousers, I used black many folds trousers. It is a cool pants. When they combined together, from head to toe, here what it looked like

Processed with VSCOcam with e5 preset

White Shirt, Maroon T-shirt Pull&Bear / Ripped Jeans Jacket Zara / Pants G-star Raw / Shoes Aldo / Bag Louis Vuitton / Watch Fossil  / Scarf Lily

Styling : Ariny Lastarya P.

Photography : Ghina Amani L.

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