Days in Singapore

Singapore #Day1

Singapore is a small country of ASEAN. I went there with plane for about 1 hour and 20 minutes. We arrived there at 11.50 a.m. (Singapore time). We had dreadful time when we just about landed. The plane was like up and down because it entered cloudy cloud. Singapore had rained just before we landed. Yes finally we arrived!

We went through check and scan tools. Because I wore three layers and scarf and yup I had to remove all of them except the first layer. When I went to Singapore in 2014 they didn’t scan like that before the immigration. I thought it is because there was bomb everywhere and to avoid I don’t know, maybe terrorist, entered Singapore, they do that. Like always tourist went to another country, we went through immigration – pick up luggage. Oh ya, my sister and I brought a big suitcase (so it was two big suitcases). Tip from you, if you want to go in country to have shopping, bring big suitcase so you do not have to buy another suitcase or carry the rest of your not-fit-to-suitcase-shopping-stuffs  in plastic. Always bring a cabin size suitcase for extra, it always help.

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At Changi Airport

First stop, our hotel. We spent four nights at Royal Plaza on Scotts Hotel. It was in orchard road. After checked in, we had lunch in ION mall. We ate at Ya Kun Kaya Toast because the only empty chairs was there. I ordered Nasi Lemak. You know main food of Indonesia is rice. We do not feel full or we had having lunch before eat rice (most of Indonesian). Then, we strolled around ION Mall while my mother was taking care couple stuffs in OCBC Bank. When we shopped at Champer, the worker there said that all stores in Singapore is having SALE until the end of July. Oh my God, how lucky we are. We went back to hotel after that and was having rest.

At 5.15 p.m, my sister and I went to the opposite of our hotel to hunt some photos. Walked by walked, and we planned to go to the opposite. We didn’t know how to get there because there is no zebra cross. With instinct of out travelling side, we took the underground way and if we didn’t find the way to that opposite place via underground we would go back. Thank God we found it and we arrived!

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We also took photos there. I took a photo with the colorful-iconic-statue in front of ION orchard. It was my favorite sculpture. It is colorful and symbolize the life in Singapore. Made in July 2009, Swiss sculptor, Kurt Laurenz Metzler, collaboration with Gallery Belvedere Singapore, designed the sculpture group, named “Urban People”. Each statue standing with different activity, such as shopping, reading newspaper, others as seen in this picture.

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Back to hotel followed the same way. Seeing people with different destination along the way. Cross the road. My father entrusted us to buy McD. And the only McD sign is on level 5 in I-Setan. Oke then we went to I-Setan. We took the elevator to level 3. I-Setan is like department store like Metro, Sogo. From level 3 we were not sure how to get to level 5. The only way to go up is by using elevator but it lead to cinema. And we was like, is the Mcd in the cinema. We were not sure and we looked like new people tried to find way but we didn’t know to ask who because there were no workers around us and you know what? From the cinema’s window there was a beautiful yellow light reflection the letter M, which is the symbol from McD. And we laughed together because God really gave us the clue. We went to the only elevator, turn right, and yes we found you McD!

Arrived in Hotel, took the lift, walked into room, arrived at room, met parents, rested for a moment, ate McD, went out again, had dinner in food court of Takashimaya Mall, went back to hotel, took a bath, slept. That was how I end my #Day1 in Singapore.

Tips for travelling

  1. Bring two bags, the bigger one use for round trip and smaller one for strolling around the destined city. I will fuel them with different stuffs. The bigger one will be fueled up with HP, wallet, scarf (if get cold in plane), passport, medicines, dry and wet tissues, paper tissue for oily face, perfume (hand bag sized), candy, snacks. If you have a long distance journey, snacks are must to fulfil your stomach when it crying for food.
  2. Once you arrived, try to walk with your sister or cousin at your age to go to new place without your parents, but still near with your lodging. It is fun and the journey will always be your story. If you are lost, do not be panic, follow the same way to get home. I love to get lost. It will give me different experience.
  3. Ask people near you how to get to your destination place. Do not shy. When in Singapore, after my sister and I bought McD, we saw couple brought Y-3 and Kenzo plastic bag. Those two place was our tomorrow must to go place. And we followed them. They went down to elevator as we did, but there was Indian girl between us and the couple. Thank God the couple also went out from I-Setan. If we want to go to Hotel we turned left, and what the couple did? They turn right. Okey we followed them, ran, and the couple had rest in a bench near of that. We asked them where they bought Kenzo and Y-3 and they said for Kenzo in Takashimaya, Y-3 in Mandarin Mall. My sister and I was like oke this was the weirdest thing we have ever done but you know what, we knew the place at the end.

That is all from me, see you in my #Day2 story in Singapore!




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