Koala Kumal Music Scoring

Have you ever heard about film score? Film score is an original music created specifically to complete a film. One of Indonesia’s most talented film scoring is Andhika Triyadi. With his heart and creativity, he makes the movie alive by the music.

On 8th May 2016, I got an opportunity to see the making of Koala Kumal Music Scoring. Koala Kumal is a comedy-drama film that is created from a true-story novel, written by Raditya Dika. To bring out the comedy side, I used Banjo as the instrument, said Andhika. He also used real violin to liven up the drama side. When they were playing the music, it sounded beautiful. They didn’t do practice actually! They just played the instrument on set by reading the full of note music sheet.

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They did the recording session for four reel. One reel can be approximately 25 minutes in the movie. Before the recording begin, they did practice first. After that, they did the recording. If Andhika had satisfied the result, they doubled the recording. If he didn’t, they would replay it again. The studio is connected to this room. All Andhika’s command could be heard by the players via microphone that the players put on their ears.

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The recording session started on 12 p.m until 9.30 p.m. It was a new experience for me. It was such a pleasure! To see more about Andhika Triyadi projects, check out his instagram on instagram.com/andhikatriyadi and for youtube see Andhika Triyadi.

I also took a picture with the violin players and they were such a nice guy!

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For your information, Andhika Triyadi is my most favorite uncle in the world!! hohoho

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