Mandarin Peony


Mandarin Peony Campaign Photoshoot

Wednesday, 15th 2016

It is my first time to attend a campaign photoshoot!! So excited and happy! I got this opportunity from one of talented Indonesian fashion stylist, Iwan Latiff. I really love his kind of styling and it is really vogue. I knew him from instagram. And he gives his phone number on instagram. Without any doubt, I contact him immediately to have a little chit chat. I was surprised because he is so kind apparently. After we were talking for a while via whatsapp, he offered me to be his assistant. And for the beginning, he said that I could come to his campaign photoshoot for Mandarin Peony on Wednesday, 15th June 2016 to have a look. Oh my god, it is one in a million opportunity. And it is the day!!

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With Ka Iwan Latiff

The photoshoot was taking place in Studio 14, Kelapa Dua, Jakarta Barat. The studio is all covered in white. It is so minimalist. When I came, the model, Diana, had done the make up and hair. The make up artist for this photoshoot is Maria and Laras, and for the hair is done by Budi. They are such a nice people and friendly. The photographer is Reza Pahlevi and the stylist is of course Iwan Latiff.

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Iwan Latiff was doing styling to the model

At first, they did a campaign photoshoot. And here are some of the looks.

After that, they did a catalog photoshoot for several pieces of cheongsam. They changed the hair and make up for the photoshoot. Budi did a chinese look hair for the catalog.

Interview with Mandarin Peony

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Mandarin Peony is a cheongsam clothing brand made from Indonesia. The designers are AngelinĀ and her friend. They both were graduated from Esmod Jakarta. I did a little interview with the owner on set.

Ar : Why do you choose cheongsam?

An : Most of chinese event, like marriage, proposal, need cheongsam as the outfit. Cheongsam which are sold now is expensive (around three billion rupiahs) and hard to find. It is just not worth to spend a lot of money for just buying a piece of cloth for one event. And we come up with idea of having ready to wear cheongsam which is affordable. Our cheongsam price is in a range of Rp 850.000,00 to Rp 1.500.000,00. That what makes our cheongsam different from others. We also like anything about culture, and that is why we choose cheongsam.

Ar : How do you find inspiration to make the outfit?

An : The inspiration just come from daily life

Ar : How many times do you release a collection?

An : We release three collections in a year

Ar : How do you sell your product?

An : Mostly by online via instagram, and also zalora. If the time is close to chinese new year, our collection is sold in seibu, sogo, metro. We also have stockiest in Surabaya but basically we produce it in Jakarta.

Ar : Why do you choose Mandarin Peony as the name and what is the meaning?

An : We choose mandarin because we want to have oriental element in the collection, and mandarin of course the oriental of china. For Peony, we just love the flower and Peony also refers to prosperity. When those words merged it just suit to the brand.

Ar : Are the color for your dress is following what is being trend now?

An : We do not follow the trend to pick the color, because it is a classic outfit. We choose the color ourselves. But red is a must color that have to be exist in every collection because it represents chinese color.

Ar : What are your plans in the future?

An : We want to collaborate with some designers and make Mandarin Peony to be walked in the cat walk for fashion show.

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left to right : Angeline’s friend, Angeline, and Diana (model)


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