Travelling in Pandemic

Hi guys! Hope you are well and in a healthy condition.

As you all know, travel restriction is no longer in place. People are not craving to eat good food, but to travel to beautiful places. Whether you are travelling with an airplane, car, boat, wearing a nice and comfy set of clothes is crucial.

A jacket or outerwear is a must have item when you are travelling in long hours. What I was wearing in the picture is a patchwork denim jacket from Urban Outfitters. I love oversized jacket. It gives me freedom to move.

I then chose to wear a black cotton shirt underneath and paired it with pink rayon silk pants from Farm Rio. The trouser is a little bit oversized for me but it is still comfortable.

How do I choose the colour combination? I always trust my gut. I like to combine something dark with something more vibrant and colourful. To end this look, I wore a pink necklace and pink and broken white sneakers from Golden Goose.

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