I opened the door of my wardrobe, thinking, ‘hhmm, what should I wear for today?’

That day was a museum day. I usually almost spend half a day at any museum, because I need time to grasp the artwork and take a moment to feel and appreciate it.

In this springy summery weather, I chose to wear a short and a casual polo shirt.

Before I go out, I always check on the weather and temperature for the day. But you know, the temperature will change a lot in London, just in an hour.

And sooo, I decided to wear an off white wool long socks to give me a little warmth.

Bang bang bang

Wore a grey black sandals to tone down the colour and grabbed my black bag to complete the whole look.

I called this look a ‘Sporty Springy Summery’ look 😀

I just like to mix different style together and here comes the look.

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