Patchwork is the New Neutral

A patchwork of matching top and bottom, a patchwork dress, jacket, trouser, T-shirt, shirt, there are so many choices you can pick. For me, patchwork is a timeless piece. You can match it with various colour that could be the same as the colour of the patchwork or clash the colour. Most people say black, white, grey is neutral colour. But, now, patchwork is the new neutral.

You can wear patchwork item in different occasion as well. Brunch, lunch, dinner, formal event, wedding, work, meeting, shopping, or even Met Gala. Let’s say you have a formal event you need to attend and you want to wear a matching patchwork of top and bottom. Wear a heels, put a make up on, style your hear neatly, wear a cling cling diamond clutch or fur clutch. BANG. You nailed it.

The way I styled this patchwork piece is the way I wore it for a daily activities or casual look. Tempting to buy it right? Me too >v<

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