Color Combo Outfit for Travelling

Who doesn’t love traveling?

Going to see beautiful nature, take a walk or bicycle to explore the hidden place of the area, or visiting your to-do list country will feel more fun if you have prepared your go-to OOTD.

To make it more fun, I suggest that you wear a color-blocked outfit. It is not only to make you more energetic and young but also you can take a picture with it literally in any background. You can take a picture with nature as a background, a vintage victorian cafe/restaurant, the hype cafe on the area, or even on the street.

Without further due, I will show you mine.

I wore a blue velvet puffer jacket and paired it with red and black jogger pants. A little tip to get the color right is you need to have a good composition between warm and cool color. I chose blue as my cool color and red as my warm color. To make them more subtle, I picked black as the neutral color for the sneakers.

IMG_4738 2IMG_4687 2

In my opinion, the color blue, red, and black never goes out of style. Blue, red, and black always work together. If you want to get a bold look, these three colors are a choice.

Since I walked a lot, and my body needs more space to move, I chose an oversized fit for my top and trouser. It is very comfy to wear.

For the bag, I chose a dark red brownish color from Marc Jacobs because I wanted to make my top and trouser as the highlight of the outfit. But still, the shape and the details of the bag need to match the whole outfit.

In this outfit, I wanted my hair to be messy and look as what it is. I put a tartan hairband with a ribbon on the front part and just let the hairband do the style of my hair.

IMG_4714 2IMG_4635 2

So, what are you waiting for? Try to mix and match different colors and be you 😀

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