I Wore Mono to Universal Studio

What should I wear to Universal Studio?

A simple dress?
A romper?
Or jumpsuit?

Maybe not all of them

You definitely want to feel comfortable at the amusement park as you will ride and play many attractions during the day, right? That is why, I will wear basics, a top, and a pair of trousers. I prefer to look minimalist and effortless rather than wearing layers and heavy decorations on the garments. You will not be bothered by the hot weather anyway.

There are so many different looks to interpret minimalist. In my opinion, you will look minimalist if you wear something a bit structural, less color, fewer accessories, and strong line on the garment. A monochrome outfit is one of the examples. It is the style when you are dressing up yourself with one type of color in similar or different shades of that color.

I never wear monochrome outfit before, so let’s give it a try!

Processed with VSCO with m4 preset

I picked brown as the main color and play around with the light for my top as well as the dark for my pants. To elevate the monochrome style, you can try wearing something asymmetrical and use a unique bag as I did. I was wearing Steve Madden’s slippers to Universal Studio. No wonder! It is very comfortable to wear because it has a soft pad inside.

I can’t wait for you guys to try your monochrome too 😀




Tops and pants are from This is April / Slippers are from Steve Madden


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