Indonesia Weekend

What will you guys miss about your country when you are away in somewhere else instead of the people you care about? My definite answer will be food. What I miss the most is nasi padang, and also sate, bakso, somay, and many more.

Luckily, two weeks ago, there was some kind of Indonesia Festival in London. How exciting!

Here we go

Windy and gloomy London with the sky full of blue dark color contrasted the cheerful and happiness at the park. Tower Bridge is standing nearby as the background of laughter and feeling of missing home. Graffiti of Indonesia described what was going on there, Festival of Indonesia.

Indonesian weekend is an event presented by Wonderful Indonesia. It was held on July 22nd – 23rd 2017 from 11am until 9 pm at Potters Field Park near Tower Bridge.

Indonesia is rich of culture and tradition. Each province has its own signature food, traditional dance, language, traditional cloth, and culture. There were a lot of Indonesian food stall which served best cuisine, like, bakso, nasi padang, es cendol, sate ayam saos kacang, nasi gudeg, and so on. There was also a mini stall, Toko Gordon, which sold Indonesia’s food and drink stuffs that you may find in usual Indonesia’s supermarket. Shopping!

I can see that this event also attracted some people whether they were just walking by and then they ate Indonesian food or some people who came to this event because they love to. You can find traditional cloth, fabric, pashmina of West Sumatera and West Java.

Three enchanting figures represented the beauty of Indonesian merak bird made this event more Indonesia. Many people were taking photos with them.

I think that this event could bridge tourists to spot Indonesia as one of the must to go places in the world.

Happy weekend! 😀








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