Outfit Idea for A Road Trip

The Bone by Guy Mar



During this time of the year, many of us do traveling. Every time I visit a city, I always want to explore some places which can take me to three hours by car from the capital city. It is a bit challenging when we are about to choose the outfit for our road trip. Here I am, giving you one of my outfit ideas 🙂

I always want to wear something comfortable and loose that I can sit on for hours.

An oversized sweater is a good option. The knitted fabric makes you feel comfy and provides a small space to allow the air circulated within your body.  

I paired it up with loose short pants to give the body enough room to move. For the shoes, I chose bowling sneaker from Nike since it is nice to wear for a long distance walk. Next, I decided to wear a flowery stocking to make the look more playful. I put on a fluffy-greyish hat cap to balance the warm color (orange, red, and pink) I wore and to make me feel warm and cozy.

Last but not least…. don’t forget to choose a right bag 😉

Choosing the right size and style is my number one consideration. The purple color of my backpack matches the whole outfit as well as it carries all my essential items inside.

And I am ready to gooo

Sweater Miracle /  Short Pants Étophe Studios / Hat Cap C.C / Stocking Urban Outfitters / Shoes Nike / Bag Gucci

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