Purply 70’s

Who doesn’t remember Donna Jordan with her Marilyn Monroe hair and gap-toothed smile or David Bowie’s astonishing fashion costumes every time he was on the stage in 1970s?

1970’s was a fun fashion era with a bit more flamboyant in the early year. Hippies was blended in some of the fashion brands. Purple, dusty and forest green, tangerine, pistachio, rust were popular color from 1973.

Culottes, high neck long sleeves, flare, midi skirt, vintage clothing, platform shoes were common items of that era.

Synthetic fabric was in a mass production, including the polyester. Tight top and loose bottom was the iconic 1970’s silhouette.

1970s also approach casual chic fashion with sweaters, T-shirt, jeans, and sneakers. Glam rock and disco styles with bright colors and glitter is one of the highlights.

In the early 1970s (1970-1973), sweaters were a huge maneuver and trimmed with fur, especially faux. Women’s accessories included turbans, pearl earrings, necklaces, and homemade jewelry. The most popular boots at that time was crinkle boots, with a shiny wet look that was wrinkled.

For me, 1970s was a much more expressive, cheerful, and very creative era than before. It is more diverse in terms of the color, culture, and style. Silhouettes, style, and color of nowadays clothing are very much inspired by 1970s, with some changing of the construction and mix with other elements to follow what the trends are, aiming for fresh, chic, young, and innovative fashion decades.

And yeaaahh

This is how I am wearing the 70s. Hope it will inspire you guys!

Processed with VSCO with e5 preset

Processed with VSCO with e5 preset

Processed with VSCO with e5 preset

Processed with VSCO with e5 preset


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