Indonesia, Jakarta (30/6/2016)

Love the food, place, ambience, and the most important part is people whom you eat with. Make yourself surrounded by loving, caring, and kind people is a comfort zone. It feels like the clock is ticking ten times faster. Never had enough time. They are, Ka Rafika (my aunty) and Ka Dika (who married my aunt, and become my uncle), and Ghina (my little sister). We already planned to have breakfasting together from the first week of fasting. But, that’s a life. We, human, as the planner, but only God the decider. Whether it is the time, place, how we get there, what we must’ve been through to get there, and anything related to it.

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We arrived approximately at 6 p.m. We already booked the place on Monday. Thank God we got the table. Satoo is an all you can eat buffet restaurant in Shangri La Hotel Jakarta. Time is limitless until it closed of course. So many workers had their breakfasting here. I love the place. It described comfy. We strolled around the food to find the interesting one. But I skimmed my plate with white rice, roasted chicken, fried chicken, baked fish, and baby khailan. They had Chinese, Arabian, Indonesian, Japanese, and Western food. Ka rafika took sushi and Chinese noodle, while Ka Dika made his plate filled with western food, steak, bread. He also took salmon sashimi which look amazingly pink, pecking duck which is very tempted. Ghina also took the same thing as me except the fried rice. Eating time woohoo! Do not rush the eating process once you have an empty stomach for about 12 hours. Enjoy your food and if you feel full, take your time, then if the band in your stomach singing the hungry anthem, and yes it is the time to get another food that you haven’t tried yeah.

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When we had chit chat, a film producer that Ka Dika is working on the film score, suddenly told him that there was a revision that he had to finish tonight. He had to do the recording again because the producer wanted to have saxophone in the music. But Ka dika staid calmed, not showing any panic face. I have learnt that staying calm will free your mind from the dreadful deadline. You have to be focus and find another way to solve problems. Panic won’t help you at all. It will just make you more under pressure. He would do the recording after arrived at home and he had to wait for the saxophone player because the player had performance until 12 a.m. Responsible to your job everyone.

This place is one of recommended place if you want to have dinner with your family, friends. The food is okey but it is delicious. Enough with main course, counted down to dessert. They had chocolate fountain, puddings, rounded eclairs, yuppies, churros, astor sticks, ice creams, and so on. The fruits and salad amazingly flourished the fruit table. But sadly I didn’t taste all the food. It was full. But if you ask me to go there again, I will absolutely say, “Why not?”. If you are looking for the best buffet in town, I will answer Grand Café, Mulia Hotel. Definitely must try!

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Laughed, affection, and togetherness were really hugged me that night. You could say that, yes it was quality time. We just went home after nobodies at the place, the restaurant was nearly closed. But we still be able to take photos together. It’s been a long time since we didn’t hang out together. Spend your time with something meaningful. A moment is only come once. Adore the moment.




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