Shady sky, green trees, windy sphere were the perfect situation that described this post writing. I just got back from university, took lunch, and yesh jumped into this blog. The traffic was so killing me moreover all the drums in my stomach were crying for food.

What I was wearing is called TENUN. Instead of having various cultures from Aceh to Papua, Indonesia is also rich with its traditions value that is best described in its handicrafts. One of them is Tenun. Tenun is a cultural motif cloth from Indonesia. It is created in many colors, motifs, decorations, and it is very connected with knowledge, culture, beliefs, environment, nature, and society organization system. That is why Tenun has different distinctive features and become the representative of the culture and social value in that region. I am very proud to be Indonesians.

Very long time ago, Tenun was used as exchange transaction with other things (barter system). Tenun is also used as dowry in marriage and clothing in cultural ceremony and traditional dance show. But, nowadays many Indonesian women use it as daily cloth. It can be used when you go to the mall, dinner dresscode, and many things. You can also find it in a very stylish design.

Processed with VSCOcam with e5 preset

My tenun has pink colors accompanied with lalala I buy this tenun in one of fashion bazaar in Indonesia’s mall. I wear it with buggy dark blue pants and for the shoes I use white sneakers touched with metallic round things on top of it. That was how I use my Tenun. How about yours? đŸ˜€
Processed with VSCOcam with e5 preset

Styling : Ariny Lastarya Putri

Photography : Ghina Amani Luthfiyah

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