Fall in Summer

Summer has the brightest color from the other seasons. It symbolizes cheerful, playful, happiness, and beach of course. Lots of fashion clothing start to release flowery dresses with bright colors, whether it’s yellow, pink, orange, etc, stripe dresses which were the last year’s trends is still becoming the trends now.

I admit that I am a kind of person who dislikes bright color. I will not wear nylon color from top to bottom or any color that really eye catching. One thing that I will certainly wear is one bright color or two. I love fall colors, rustic nautical, light pumpkin, autumn peach, sangria, country apple, plum and berries defines my style color. I also love neutral color, moreover black, glittery and metallic color.

Although season has changed, my heart still belongs to fall colors. I will wear them in summer time. Why not?

In the last four years, I always had my holiday on summer, went to a beach mostly. When I am in another city for a holiday, I will go for strolling around the city, having culinary tour, visiting its beautiful natural places, rather than just hang out at the mall. I love adventure.

I share you my idea of summer outfit in fall color for different activity on this post.

My outfit color palette

Processed with VSCOcam with e5 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with e5 preset

This outfit is suitable for taking a walk around the city. Ice cream shop is the best deal.

Do you notice that I was wearing three sleeveless shirt at a time? It is white shirt, cobalt blue, and light pumpkin.

Take the white shirt with right hand, the other one with left hand. Finally, tied them up in front of your body. You can choose not to tie the shirts. It is up to you. Do some experiments to give different shape

Processed with VSCOcam with e5 preset

My sandal is from teva. It is a mountain sandal by the way. Its lightweight, comfortable to use, fit to your foot size, make me choose it. You won’t be worried if you are walking on a rocky or sandy road. You can even wear it to mountain.

It’s beach timeee

I prefer using tanned lotion rather than sun block on the beach. Since I will not wear bikini the rest of my life, the beach outfit here is my idea for you guys that was done using polyvore. Kindly check my polyvore, stapleluc, to know more where to buy the items.


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