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Making people look gorgeous has been one of my vision since I want to be a fashion designer. For me, a design has to fit the wearer’s characters. Body shape, skin color, personality, affects it all.

I have designed some clothes for my family. When I saw them smile wearing my design and they stared at me, it sparkled me. It feels beyond words that you can radiates someone’s beauty.

Everybody has their own characteristics and uniqueness. It is a challenge to implement them into designs. That’s what I have to do every time I design for different people.

Including this time.

I made designs for these two lovely persons. They are not my parents by the way. I will only show you the fabrics this time. And here they are….



This white tulle fabric had been embroidered with white threats.



The second fabric is a jacquard but it is made from linen. It is not as thick as usual jacquard. You do not need to use interfacing fabric. Surrounding air and your body temperature can circulate through the pores.

The fabrics are being processed now!!

I will show you who these two persons are and of course the silhouette of the designs. So guys, stay tune for the next post!

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