Aeon Tea

Green. Sunny. Blue. Breeze. Trees. Hills.

July 30th 2016.

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Switching my eye’s view with the greens. All I always see from day to day is tall buildings stand up in curbs. Every company like in a competition of being the winner of who’s got the tallest and modernist building in town. Traffic jammed on the road is my daily consumed. It is not Jakarta if it is not jammed.

Jogging is one of sport what my family does. We used to run on Car Free Day from Monas to Gelora Bung Karno, takes about hour and 15 minutes. But ever since my father was reassigned, we rarely almost never do that again. We sometimes jog in a zoo near the house. I can say that it is not a decent place for the animals. It is like nobody take care of the zoo. But if you jog there, yeah good place.

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Figured out new place to jog. That was what we did. Chose tea gardens as the destined place. Located in Puncak, Bogor, went there by car on 5.30 a.m. from home. Takes about an hour and half. If you depart on 7 am from home, goodbye to unjammed road. You can probably arrived there on 10 am. That was weekend and everyone want to go to Puncak.

Tea gardens is in Wisata Agro Mas. You can stay some nights in the cottage house they provided. It is very nice because the weather is so fresh and cold. You can smell the ground breath there. Imagine yourself is tied in a cold tea leaves and the air is full of the vapor of cups of your flavored hot tea. The view is so breathtaking. It was like circle stairs full of tea leaves.

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You can ride a horse to go around the tea gardens. If you are a biker, it has special tracks for you. My grandfather, little sister, and I were taking the wrong track. We went through the biker tracks. But it was ok because no bikers at that time. You can also take the ATV or opened car at back to go on adventure on the off-road. You will be brought to the hilltop. On your way you can see the Panda House on the other mountain. Wisata Agro Mas is side to side to Taman Safari. Taman Safari is Indonesia’s zoo park.

The off-road is so recommended. You can stand up on the car, let group of winds smash your face. Spoil your vision with beautiful tea gardens.

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From top to bottom I used Nike. The colorful jacket is sporty yet fashionable. It really stood among the greens. I really love the jacket. I used long sleeve grey sports top as the inner.

We spent time there until it was time for lunch. We went to restaurant in Puncak to have lunch.

In our way to home, we made a stop in Cimory Restaurant. This restaurant has breathtaking view. With the river flowing, the sounds of the walking water accompany every person in the restaurant. It also has a mini timezone. Opposite of it is an under construction zoo. The restaurant will have a bridge access to the zoo. Can’t wait!

That was how I spent my Saturday. Have a good day everyone


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