Red Wood


Lembang, is one of region in Bandung where you can find many recreation places. Bandung is one of Indonesia’s province, located in Java Island. Temperature in Bandung is around 20oC, but sometimes when you find it very cold, it can be 18oC

From Jakarta to Bandung gets around 2 hours in a car that you drive in a highway road. It is better if you go there on weekdays. On weekend? No, thank you. Sea of people. Bandung is my father’s hometown. He was grown up there and his family has been live there since my grandmother and grandfather got married.

All photos here were taken at Floating Market, lembang. It really is floating, built on top of human-made lake. Floating market is like food court, but the food sellers make their food on a boat, equipped with cooking tools. Their boat is encircled the place. They have different menus. All the food here are top recommended. So delicious.

Processed with VSCOcam with a7 preset
The food stall

We pay for the food by using coins. Before we enter the place, we must change our money to coins that value 5000 IDR, 10000 IDR, and 20000 IDR. It was my very first time to eat rabbit satay. There are also kebab, pempek, sate maranggi, kwetiaw, malang meat balls, cakwe, tempe mendoan. Must try!

The weather was so fresh. The air you breathe still not polluted with carbon dioxides from vehicles. Take a deep breath and feel the cold sensation from the air that goes to your nose and lungs.

I wanted to wear simple outfit that day. Short dress that is printed with flowers, used ripped jeans, dark blue and black outer, and of course socks and shoes. I love my shoes so much. I fall in love at the first sight. I really love the flower structure on the front. The color purple make it looks chick and elegant.


I intendedly wanted to use pants to avoid cold. I went there with my sister and her boyfriend. Bit of story, my driver, named Raja, has worked with my family since I was in kindergarten. He is a kind and loyal person. I considered him as my parents. If you share stories with him, he will give you advice that is mature. He is the most trustful person in my life. He never tired or complain if he has to wait for 5 hours in campus because I still have assignments to do.

Out of topic, in two days I will go to Pekanbaru (province’s in Sumatera Island) to have internship for a month. Couldn’t help it. I only motivate myself by thinking that two more semesters then I will get out from this university. I do not like my major actually. Frustrating. But it was my choice. I have to take it responsibly. Finish it on time then I can do what I love. This internship is one of compulsory courses that I have to take on seventh semester. Requirement before thesis. I feel like I want to graduates earlier. Hopefully, I can make it.

This day was super fun and amazing!

Flowery Dress, Outer Zara / Ripped Jeans Pull&Bear / Shoes Jeffrey Campbell

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