Brown Yinz

Couloute trouser is very happening right now. It is a comfortable trouser, yet stylish, because it doesn’t press our legs.For a simple casual look you can use it with oversized shirt, choker and long necklace. You can use flat stiletto for the shoes. And now I will show you how I use my stripes couloute trouser. This style is kinda london street style. I do not care if people see me and think that “what is it that you are wearing” “just going to mall but your outfit like this”. If you always think what people will say about you, you will just not be yourself. You will show yourself as people want to see and just be normal. Just be confident. Ok that’s a brief of tip-off. Let us continue! I pair my couloute trouser with long black dress from H&M that has a cleavage on left and right side. On top of that I use jade like prince . And I use my mother burberry for the outermost. To make it more stylish I just fastened the first button.

Processed with VSCOcam with a7 preset
I took the picture in front of Aksara’s cafe in Pacific Place Mall


front, back, and side view for details

H&M Black Dress / Burberry Brown Outermost / Louis Vuitton Bag, Sandals

Styling : Ariny Lastarya P. / Photograph : Ghina Amani L.

2 thoughts on “Brown Yinz

  1. this look is amazing!! i love how it has a slightly rebellious vibe 😀
    instagram: the_ch1ara


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